Complimentary Services

wifi-vehicleAt Airport Taxis Narborough we truly understand that passengers on longer journeys have greater needs than those on shorter distances. We therefore offer the following complimentary in-car services to all passengers who travel with us:

Free In Car Wi-Fi

With FREE in car Wi-Fi available in all Airport Taxis Narborough’s vehicles our passengers can access the Internet on the move. Supporting multiple devices in car Wi-Fi lets passengers access the Internet to ensure executives are prepared for their meeting or families are entertained during their journey.

Complimentary Daily Paper

Catch up on the news and gossip whilst you travel. Airport Taxis Narborough ensure that a newspaper is available for our customers on Airport Transfer and long distance journeys.

Complimentary Bottled Water

Airport Taxis Narborough maintains a stock of bottled mineral water available for refreshment during your journey.

Free Baby Seats

Safety is always top of the list at Airport Taxis Narborough, so when travelling with babies and young children we have available Baby Seats to provide a comfortable and safe transit for your little ones.